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Installing A New Roof in Dearborn Michigan Can Help You Save Money

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We all hear the talk about energy-efficient appliances, cars, and now, roofs. What does that mean exactly? Sure we can see how appliances and cars reduce the amount of resources burned to operate them and get the job done, but how can a new roof in Dearborn Michigan do this? How does a new roof save you money in energy costs and thus save energy resources? Here is just how it can do that.

Installing A New Roof in Dearborn Michigan Can Help You Save Money

Getting a new roof installed on your home can be expensive initially. In fact, it’s common for an average-sized home to have a bill of over $5,000 for a complete roof replacement. While this expense may seem high, waiting too long to replace your roof can mean you end up with that much money for the project because of water damage to the home. Getting a new roof installed today also means that you have energy-efficient options that are available which can help get a return on the money spent on the new roof. Here are some options you can consider when getting a new roof to make it more energy-efficient:

Installing A New Roof in Dearborn Michigan Can Help You Save Money

High Quality Insulation for the Roof

Insulation can greatly help to reduce energy costs. With more insulation protecting your home from heat absorption in the summer and heat loss in the winter, you will see that your HVAC system does not have to work nearly as hard to heat and cool your home and that you can be more comfortable year-round. By insulating your attic and roof nicely, with higher quality materials, you will be able to better conserve energy, thus reducing your costs so that the investment comes back to you in no time.

Color Choices for the Shingle Roofing

There are actually solar reflective shingle colors available to roofs now. These energy rated and highly efficient options can help to prevent heat absorption, again reducing the energy it takes to cool your home and therefore the cost it takes to do so as well. Because these shingles are solar reflective and do not absorb the heat themselves, they are also less prone to sun exposure damage that comes with standard shingles. As the surface that the sun constantly beats down on, shingles tend to take the brunt of it and get worn down in the process. Energy-efficient shingles don’t get nearly as worn this way.

Air-Flow and Ventilation for the New Roof

If your attic has the proper ventilation, you will also see a reduction in energy costs. Keep the ventilation and airflow in mind with a new roof to ensure it allows for this so that you can see the healthy exchange of fresh air to help your home. Poor ventilation can result in the growth of mildew and mold, so this is imperative for a happy healthy home. With the proper vents and circulation, this is an easily avoided problem that can really save you money. Having improper ventilation on the home may also have mold growing in the home as well which can be unhealthy.

Radiant Barrier Installed on the Roof

While you’re installing a new roof, you can easily go ahead and add a new radiant barrier (or one to begin with). This will reduce the heat transfer from your roof into your home. This is basically a reflective barrier beneath your shingles and roof deck. This coating will reflect and reduce heat, thus reducing the energy used to cool your home and cutting your costs down. The savings from the new roof you make once you add in a radiant barrier will definitely be worth the added effort.

Make sure to discuss all of these options with a qualified roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan such as Roofing Dearborn. We are able to guide you with making the choices that are best for your home and budget. We also have financing options available as well which can help you pay for your new roof. Remember that while these are all added investments to a new roof installation in Dearborn Michigan, they are all well worth the costs and return on the investment in no time at all.