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GAF Timberline Armor Shield II Shingle

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All shingles are not created equal. Some are low quality, and less resilient than others. If you need a new roof installation or replacement in Dearborn Michigan, you want shingles that are tough and will last many years. The highest rating shingles in the industry are known as Class 4 rated shingles. These have been put through the most rigorous tests available. One of the most popular shingles in this category are GAF Timberline Armor Shield II Class 4 rated shingles. One of the secret ingredients in these shingles is a product called SBS or Styrene Butadiene Styrene. This material is a modifier formula, one that provides:


  • Increased flexibility
  • Boosted impact resistance

GAF Timberline Armor Shield II Shingle

GAF, a world class leading roofing materials manufacturers, sells lots of these popular shingles, as well as Grand Sequoia IR and Glenwood Class 4 rated shingles. These top-rated, high quality shingles are the best of the best, and are what you want if you need a new roof in your city.


It’s all about protection and durability


Home improvement and roofing contractors in Dearborn MI recommend GAF Timberline Armor Shield II shingles for their own friends and family members, and use them in their own homes. They know the benefits they carry, including:


  • Easier to install during winter installations
  • Increased overall durability
  • Flexibility during thaw and freeze cycles
  • Granule retention


Installing a new roof can be an overwhelming endeavor, but it will be made easier if you choose this type of highly rated and recommended shingle.  When you start to notice roof leaks, breakage, missing shingles, loose shingles, or other roof deterioration, you need to consult with the experts and schedule a roof and attic inspection. Go with a certified, licensed and insured roofing company every time – if not you run the risk of not passing city inspections or being fined for a violation. You want your home to be 100% protected from the sun, rain, sleet, hail, snow and other elements in our unpredictable weather state.  If you opt for a Class 4 rated shingle, you’ll be assured your home will have more than enough protection.


Another added bonus


Here at Roofing Dearborn we love to tell home and business owners about roofing materials that come with added perks and benefits, and the GIF Timberline Armor Shield II shingles come with many.  Another added perk is that depending on your insurance provider and location, some insurance companies give homeowners a discount on their homeowners insurance for these types of shingles of 15% to 25%. Those numbers can potentially represent a huge savings on a new roof installation in your hometown. Saving money is always an unexpected perk, especially when you’re considering a major home improvement such as a roof replacement. Even if you just need roofing repairs, this is the perfect choice to help keep your home well insulated and covered during any type of storm. Insurance companies are aware of the lifetime warranty that come with these shingles, and that their longevity is quite impressive. They also know GAF endorses them, and that in itself is a reason to reward homeowners with a substantial discount, because GAF rated shingles are built to withstand the toughest of weather events.

Wide range of styles


A reputable, honest roofing contractor will have access to this beautiful brand of shingles, including samples of seven colors to choose from. It’s nice to be able to protect your residence as well as make it look even more stunning, with the right roof.  Roofing Dearborn recommends this high-performing shingle if you want a new roof that will last over 20 years, and won’t crack under the pressure of high winds, heavy storms, ice cold winters, and ice dams. You will be guaranteed your roof will last, and that provides peace of mind. Who wants to worry about damaged or worn shingles? You can select a style that fits in with your home’s exterior and siding. And if you receive a discount from your insurance company, that’s icing on the cake! Call your trusted roofing contractor today to set up a free consultation and estimate so you can see these shingles up close.