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Winter is Coming. Is Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan Ready?

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Winter weather can bring nostalgia of the holiday, the happiness of time with family, and unfortunately plenty of opportunity for your home to get damaged. Your roof especially is at risk for damages as it is the primary line of defense against the weather for your home. To help prevent damages from winter weather, follow these tips to help protect your roof. With the warmer weather comes the opportunity to make a difference when the winter gets here. By utilizing some of these tips you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding problems with your roof in Dearborn Michigan

Winter is Coming. Is Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan Ready?

Once the winter gets here and snow and ice start to show up it can make roofing very difficult. It’s also best to install a roof during the warmer months of the year so that it seals properly. Determining your roof has a problem during the warmer months will be more beneficial because it can be repaired or replaced immediately without any special procedures because of the cold which can drive up the price of the roof. While the weather is still warm be sure to follow these tips to keep your roof performing well today and when the temperatures turn colder.

Winter is Coming. Is Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan Ready?

Check for Prior Damage

You should always check your roof for damages regularly throughout the year, but you should be sure to do an extra check before the winter weather starts to be sure there are no existing damages to the roof. Any already existing damage could be made worse with winter weather, but also could lead to bigger issues. If your roof is damaged, that snow could get into your roof and attic and cause significant water damage. Mildew and mold then become a great concern if this happens. Take a quick look at your roof after each storm to determine if there are any problems. You can do this from the ground level as going on to the roof itself is dangerous and you may cause more damage.

Remove Snow from Your Roof

Snow is the biggest cause for winter roof damages. This is for two reasons, the weight of snow, and ice dams caused when melted snow refreezes in large sheets of ice. Ice dams can damage the roof shingles. You should invest in a good quality roof rake to remove snow from your roof and without damaging your roof in the process. Removing as much snow as you can will prevent the weight of the snow from wearing on your roof.

Clean the Gutters

Gutter maintenance is always important, but there are two times a year you should make absolute sure you’ve cleaned them out thoroughly. These are right before fall and right after fall. Clearing them out before new fall leaves fall will keep them from getting fully obstructed, then clearing them out after the fall leaves have all fallen is important for winter. If you don’t clear your gutters, melting snow will not be able to pass through and away from your roof, leading to potential water damage. Water pooling in the winter could lead to the formation of ice dams, which can really damage your roof.

Insulate your Roof Properly

The correct insulation in your attic can really make a big difference in the protection your roof can provide. Your roof can withstand elements well, but does not handle temperature fluctuations well. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, the heat from your home could be let out through you roof, causing any snow accumulation to melt. This could then refreeze since the outside temperatures are still cold, forming dangerous and damaging ice dams. To prevent the fluctuation of temperatures, you should ensure your roof and attic are well insulated.

Trim Any Branches

Any low hanging branches around your roof could direct water right onto your roof. Additionally, snow could cause weak branches to break and fall onto your roof, potentially causing more damage. This could lead to even more costs and repairs later on down the line. Prevent this from happening by trimming away these branches early in the season or in the late fall.

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