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9 Roofing Problems That Require a Roofing Contractor in Dearborn Michigan

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Roofing problems can occur at any time. Whether it’s summer or fall, hot or cold, when damage occurs on your roof getting it repaired quickly is a must. However, for some homeowners, finding out the root cause of the problem is important. After all, knowing what caused the damage on your home’s roof can help to prevent it from occurring again. In any case, when you have a problem on your roof getting a roof contractor in Dearborn Michigan to repair the roof is a must. Here are 9 of the common roofing problems where you’ll need a fully qualified roofing contractor to come out any make repairs to your roof.

9 Roofing Problems That Require a Roofing Contractor in Dearborn Michigan

When you have a problem of any kind on your roof no matter how small it may seem it’s always best to use a fully qualified roofing contractor for the repairs. Walking on your roof and attempting to repair the roof yourself is very dangerous and you may even damage the roof even more. Most of the problems that are obvious on your roof will typically be seen from the ground. Here are some of the problems that may occur on your home’s roof:

9 Roofing Problems That Require a Roofing Contractor in Dearborn Michigan

A Roof Leak in Your Home

When you notice a roof leak in your home it’s time to call a roofer to repair the roof. Sometimes water damage in your home can be something else besides a roof leak. HVAC systems, plumbing pipes, and other problems can also cause water damage in your home. Roof leaks typically appear the day of a rainstorm up to a day or two afterward. Get a roof inspection on your home to determine what caused the roof leak.

Damage From Fallen Trees or Branches

If your home has many trees around it then there is always a threat of that tree falling and damaging the roof in some way. Not just the tree itself but branches that fall from the tree can damage the roof. Typically when this happens you’ll see the clear signs that the roof is damaged. A roof leak may not occur immediately when this happens if the roof is not fully punctured.

Damage to the Shingles on Your Home

There are many things that can damage the shingles on your home. The best part about having shingles on your home is that they are uniform and all look the same. When looking at your roof and there are areas which look different that the overall roof then you may have damage to the shingles. This damage can happen for a variety of reasons which are included here as well.

Clogged Gutters on Your Home

During the fall of the year, much of the leaves on trees will fall and some will end up in your gutters and downspouts. When the gutters on your home clog up it causes water to back up onto the roof. This water backing up like this can allow the water under the shingles. During winter, this is known as a roof ice dam. Make sure your gutters are flowing free.

Damage From Wildlife

There are also damages that can occur because of wildlife. Critters scurry about on the roof can sometimes damage the shingles and will need to be repaired. Birds can also build nests in roof ventilation which can be a huge problem for the roof.

Pooling Water on the Roof

While most homes in Dearborn Michigan have pitched roofs there are situations where water can pool on the roof. This is usually caused by debris that is build up on the roof in areas like valleys which ends up blocking the waters exit from the roof.

Punctures in the Roof

Objects that come in contact with the roof can sometimes puncture the roof. Kids throwing items on the roof or tree branches falling are common reasons why punctures appear on the roof.

Improper installation of the Roof

Roofing systems today have different components that require specific installation procedures and when they are not followed it can cause damage to the roof. The biggest of these problems is called shrinkage and usually occurs because of improper installation of the roof.

Poor Maintenance of the Roof

Keeping your roof in good shape means you’ll need to have the roof inspected at least annually. Call Roofing Dearborn today to get an inspection on your home’s roof at 313-209-6350. We can also repair any problems on your roof and offer free estimates!