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Most Common Roof Leak Causes in Dearborn Michigan

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There are all sorts of reasons as to why your roof could have a leak. These leaks can also happen at any given time. Leaks can tell you something is wrong with your roof, but they may not be so obvious in what’s causing them. Here are some of the most common reasons your roof may be leaking. Finding any of these problems on your home’s roof means you’ll need to get a roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan as quickly as possible. 

Most Common Roof Leak Causes in Dearborn Michigan

When it comes to inspecting your home’s roof it’s always best to hire a qualified roofer. Going up a ladder onto your roof is not advised and you can be seriously injured from a fall from the roof. Not only that but you may mis-step on the roof and cause even more problems on your home’s roof and create even more roof leaks. The following list can be inspected from the ground level and if you have any concerns it’s best to call a roofer in Dearborn Michigan to inspect the roof.

Most Common Roof Leak Causes in Dearborn Michigan

  1. Older Roof – All roofs will be worn through time and eventually will have weathered too many years to hold strong. As a roof ages, they are increasingly unable to withstand the elements they are battered with over time. By keeping a professional roof inspector or maintenance company hired to help, you can extend your roof’s life expectancy as they can help you to discover necessary repairs and what to do to keep your roof up. Often, they can tell you when you may need to re-shingle your roof or replace certain parts to extend how long your roof will last.
  2. Subpar Roofing Material – Not all roofs are created equal. Because of this, sometimes the wrong materials are used for the particular architecture of the roof. Varying slopes of roofs call for different material and installation to ensure that the roof stays on when the wind blows and the rain falls. The proper installation and materials also can help drain water off of the roof so that it doesn’t collect and damage your roof. This is why certain shingles are only used on particular slopes and other materials are used on flatter roofs.
  3. Debris Accumulation – Those leave piles that accumulate during the fall are not as harmless as you may think. Professionals will all agree that these can actually be quite harmful since they are more than likely retaining moisture that is harboring the risk for serious roof damage. Moisture is bad for building materials and can cause complications such as mold and mildew. In addition to that, moisture in leaf piles can lead to the decomposition of the organic material, setting your roof up to be the perfect environment for weed growth. If you have a sloped roof with any kind of valleys, you will be more likely to have leaf accumulations on your roof that you will need to have removed regularly. If you have any second thoughts about doing this yourself, you should seek professional assistance with this.
  4. Clogged Up Gutters – Any time you have issues with your gutter system, you have bad news. You should keep these free of debris as leaf litter will turn into detritus and clog up your gutters. Not only can this cause damage to your gutters, but this can cause water to accumulate on your roof, causing significant damage. You need to keep all gutters clean year-round to prevent these issues. Excessive runoff over the edges of your gutters can cause additional damages as it could affect your landscaping and foundation. Water retention can also increase the risk for ice damming in the winter, bringing on a whole new set of issues.

What You Should Do…

Ultimately, proper roof maintenance can prolong the life of your roof and keep your home protected properly. You should talk to a professional roof maintenance company to set up a plan to prevent issues and keep everything well maintained. At Roofing Dearborn we offer a variety of roofing services which can help ensure your roof is in good working condition. We offer roof inspections, roof repairs, and if needed, we can replace your roof in Dearborn Michigan. Call us today at 313-209-6350 for a free quote and schedule a roof inspection on your home.