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What You Should Look for in Your Roofing Contract in Dearborn Michigan

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So the time has come to get a new roof installed on your home. After talking with the roofer in Dearborn Michigan you’re ready to get started on the project. But before the project begins the roofing contractor will give you a roofing contract you’ll need to sign and agree to before the project starts. While this may seem like just a technicality it’s important to understand what it is, and just what should be on it.

What You Should Look for in Your Roofing Contract in Dearborn Michigan

It’s important to understand just what a roof contract should have in it before you sign it. Since most homeowners only get a new roof installed every 15 years or more a lot can change in that time. Even if you have had a new roof installed in the past be sure to consider these points when getting a new roof installed in Dearborn Michigan before you sign a roof contract.

What You Should Look for in Your Roofing Contract in Dearborn Michigan

What is a Roofing Contract?

Before the roofing project begins you should be required to sign a roofing contract. The roofing contract is basically a legal document that outline and details the roofing project. It contains information about the roofing project including materials, time, and price that will be charged. The more detailed the roof contract is, the better. It’s also important that you, the homeowner, has a copy of the roofing contract before the project begins.

Do You Really Need a Roofing Contract?

In a short answer, YES! It’s always a good idea to use a roof contract for your home roofing project. Without a roof contract you will not have anything to stand on if there is a problem. Plus, the contractor may not be licensed is one reason why they don’t use a roof contract. Always insist on a roof contract for a new roof installation in Dearborn Michigan and if your contractor doesn’t offer it, call another contractor.

Details About the Materials Being Installed

There are many different types of roofing materials today. It’s important that the roof contract has the specific type and material of the roofing that will be installed on your home. Some roofing materials are of lower quality and less expensive while others are more expensive, have better warranties, and can even help protect your home against hail. Make sure the roofing materials that you want installed on your home are listed on the roof contract along with the style and design that will be used. Using a generic term such as ‘shingles’ is open ended and sometimes used by shady contractors that will substitute the lesser quality shingles for your roof.

Details About the Services

Any services that are included in the roof installation should be included in the roof contract. If your home is getting new gutters it should be included in the roof contract. The method of roof installation should also be included. Other items include debris removal of the old roof and overall cleanup after the project is done.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

Most roofing materials today come with warranties from the roofing material manufacturer. These warranties can last from 15 to more than 50 years. You will need to have some type of documentation for this warranty in case you need it later. Any workmanship guarantees should also be included in the roof warranty.

Payment Details

There are options available to pay for your roof. You may be getting your roof financed or paying for it yourself. Make sure the roof contract has the payment details listed. This should include the payment details for the entire project not just the roof installation. Sometimes roof contractors will charge additional fees for debris removal and final cleanup of the project. Make sure the payment details are listed.

Any Addtional Stipulations

Do you have any specific needs for your home project? Such as protecting your rose garden or installing skylights or a chimney cap? Any additional work should also be included in the roof contract. This can include any special requests by you. For instance, you may need the project to only start after 10 AM.

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