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10 Qualities that Distinguish the Best Roofers in Dearborn, MI

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Whether you need a roof repair or replacement, you have to make sure that you can work with the right professionals to get the job done. At the same time, that’s not always easy to figure out. How do you know whether the contractor with the best reviews or the most professional-looking website can actually get your roof fixed in the right way?

It comes down to a strategic approach. Rather than being wooed by the shiny exterior or a low-price quote, you have to look below the surface to find the qualities that distinguish the right experts from those who just look for a quick book.

The best roofers in Dearborn, MI don’t just claim to be the best. They prove it, everyday, with their work and the satisfaction of their clients. They add services specifically designed to help you fix the roof and keep your home safe. More specifically, consider these 10 qualities that distinguish the best experts from those with less than ideal qualities.

1) They’re Licensed and Insured

First things first: when it comes to your roof, you should only work with contractors who are fully licensed and insured. Make it your minimum standard as you evaluate any potential roofers. Put simply, your roof is too important to work with anyone who hasn’t undergone the proper training and isn’t insured against potential damages.

Don’t be afraid to check out the license. It could well be outdated, and deserves a closer look. The state of Michigan can be your first check to make sure that the experts you’re considering could actually be the best roofers in Dearborn.

2) They Have the Right Ratings and Reviews 

Once you have the basics out of the way, check into the way others evaluate the roofers you’re considering. Clients tend to be the toughest evaluators, and are a perfect opportunity to dig into the potential working relationship, quality of work, and all other aspects related to the project you’re about to take on.

Quotes from happy clients on the roofer’s website are a great start. But you also have to realize that they tend to be carefully curated. Look for reviews on independent sites, especially those with high levels of credibility. If, for instance, a roofing contractor has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, you know you’ll be in good hands.

3) They Offer Free Evaluations

Evaluating what is wrong with your roof can be difficult. Sure, some obvious signs like leaks may point towards the need to do something. But others are more subtle, and it’s often difficult to answer what that something you need to do actually is. The right contractor helps to answer that question.

They accomplish that feat through the offer of free evaluations. If you’re working with the right professional, those inspections will come with no strings attached, and an honest assessment of any potential damage that needs to be addressed. Anytime a contractor looks to charge money for this process or require you to work with them on fixing the issue, look for a better and more trustworthy alternative.

4) They Use the Best Possible Roofing Materials

Your roof is among the most important areas of your house. You have to make sure that it’s right, otherwise you risk future problems. That means having to rely on the fact that any materials used to repair or replace your roof are high-quality enough to hold up to the weather for years and hopefully decades to come.

The problem: you might not know what those materials are. Unless you do significant research, it’s easy to get confused with all the alternatives available. The right roofers can help to explain your options, and provide you with assurances that the materials used will do what they can to maximize the lifespan and health of the roof.

5) They’re a Local Business and Know the Area

Repairing or replacing a roof in Michigan is very different from the same job in California, Texas, or even Pennsylvania. The weather and elements hitting the surface on a daily basis will require careful consideration of the right materials, timing for the repair, and more.

That’s why when it comes to this type of project, you should always work with local professionals to get the job done. In addition to being experts on the above, they will also be more flexible, since they don’t have to travel a long distance just to get to the job site. Local experts who know the area and its climate tend to be your best choice.

10 Qualities that Distinguish the Best Roofers in Dearborn, MI

6) They Offer Financing Opportunities

It’s easy to get hung up on the cost of a roofing job. A new roof can cost as much as $20,000 or more, depending on the circumstances. How to come up with the money is a question many homeowners ask themselves. If you find the right partner, you might get help in answering that question.

Some, but not all roofing contractors offer financing directly through them. They work with you directly to make sure that you can pay them for the job once it’s complete. Especially for larger projects, that becomes an invaluable option. Inquire with your roofing contractor to see if they have this option and how they can work with you to make sure you can actually afford the repair or replacement.

7) They Clean Up After the Job

Some roofers do the bare minimum. Even if their quality of work is high, they come in, get the job done, and leave. These are good options – but you have better alternatives. The best roofers in Dearborn, MI take the time they need to get everything done right. Make sure that anyone you hire has this attitude to ensure full satisfaction over time.

Above all, that means thorough preparation and clean-up work. Rather than leaving garbage with you or the yard unusable, they pay special attention to making sure that you are fully satisfied not just with the roof itself but everything connected with the project. That way, you can be sure that the inconvenience is minimal even for a major project.

8) Their Services Range from Quick Repairs to Full Replacements

In your search for the right roofer, you’ll find some handymen who can take on the quick flashing repair. On the other end of the spectrum, you might have large companies only taking on full roof replacements because of their better return on investment. Which of these alternatives is better?

The answer: ideally, neither. The best roofers have extensive experience across the roofing repair and replacement spectrum. They can take on small projects, but also know how to replace an entire roof. That way, they can easily come back for small repairs after a large project, or remain your partners if what you thought was a small repair turns into something more significant.

9) They’re Not Part of a Larger Chain

Would you rather work with a family-owned business or a large, impersonal chain? The answer to this question can help you determine just where the best roofers in Michigan can be found. With something as important as your roof, you need the personal attention to make sure the job gets done right. 

For a large chain of roofing contractors, you’re just a number on a spreadsheet of profits. For a family-owned business, you’re a valued customer deserving of their full attention and expertise. That, at its core, is the difference between good work and great work, and a major reason why the best roofers in Dearborn are family-owned instead of larger, national corporations.

10) They Value Long-Term Relationships

Let’s bring it all full circle. The obvious qualities that distinguishes the great roofers from their competition is their quality of work and the materials they use. But just as important are the intangibles, less obvious reasons that allow you to look behind the curtain and find qualities you might not even have considered.

That includes a high level of customer service, as well as the simple ability to get along with each customer. In other words, the right roofing professionals value long-term relationships with each client and after every project. Look for a contractor who emphasizes this point, and you have a great chance of finding the best professional for your specific needs.

Are You Ready to Work With the Best Roofers in Dearborn, MI?

It’s not always easy to separate fact from fiction. Go to any roofing contractor’s website, and you’ll find claims about quality work and materials in every paragraph. Your charge is finding out exactly which of these claims you can trust, especially if you’re looking for the best Dearborn roofers to get the job done right.

To get to that point, use the above as your checklist. Evaluate contractors according to these factors, then make the call on who you want to work with. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and quality work, and want to show you how we can work together. If you have a roofing need, let’s connect to start the process.