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Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement in Dearborn Michigan : Which is Best for You?

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Roof damage can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. From severe storms that move through the area to more uncommon causes such as wildlife. When roof damage does occur on your home you will need to make the decision to repair the damage or to replace the roof entirely. Sometimes the answer isn’t so clear and there are some things you’ll need to consider. In this post we’ll look at some of the details about what you should do when you have roof damage on your home. Whether to repair the roof or do a complete roof replacement in Dearborn Michigan and the pros and cons of each.

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement in Dearborn Michigan : Which is Best for You?

For most of the time the roof on your home is simply there. It isn’t thought about or even noticed by the homeowners. That is, until there is a problem. When a roof leak occurs it can quickly turn all your attention to the roof and what needs to be done. If the roof leak is severe and your home is exposed to the elements a temporary barrier may need to be placed until the roof repairs or replacement can be made. Here at Roofing Dearborn we offer emergency roof repair service is needed 24/7.

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Is Roof Repair the Best Choice?

When it comes to your roof it’s best to first determine just how old the roof is. The more age a roof has the more likely it is to fail. Most roofing materials will last about 15 to 25 years depending on the quality of the roofing materials. After the roof has been installed for many years it will start to break down and become more easily damaged. So you may have a roof leak in one area today only to have another in another area in a short time. As the roof breaks down it becomes more susceptible to damage and you will likely experience more and more roof leaks as it ages.

If the roof is less than ten years old chances are that repairing the roof is the best option. That is provided that the damage is localized in one area. A small problem in one area of the roof is more likely to need a small roof repair rather than damage spread out over a wide area. One problem that can damage the roof all over is hailstones. Usually if a hail storm damages your roof it will likely mean widespread damage and the need for roof replacement.

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Is Roof Replacement the Best Choice?

The biggest question you should ask when considering a roof replacement for your home is how old the roof is. Older roofing will have much less protection for the home than newer roofing. As the roof ages it will become more rigid and more easily damaged by things like wind. If a roof repair is needed on an older roof, even if the problem seems small it may be a good idea to get a full roof replacement instead. Simply because you may likely have more roof leaks in the near future.

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Another thing you’ll need to consider is the appearance of the roof. As the roof ages the colors of the roof may fade or darken depending on the environment. It won’t be noticeable to the roof as a whole but if you need to replace parts of the roofing with new roofing the colors of the roof will become very apparent. Newer materials won’t be the same color and will sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. This is even when you get the same roofing materials designs and style because of the fading of the roof.

Get a Roof Inspection Done by a Qualified Roofing Contractor

It’s sometimes difficult for a home owner to decide if a new roof or roof repair is the best way to go with their roof. Using the help of a roof inspection however you can make this decision much easier. Call Roofing Dearborn today for a roof inspection on your home and we’ll send an experienced roofer to inspect the roof for damage and problems. We’ll then discuss our findings with you and recommendations for proceeding. We’ll also provide estimates for roof repair or roof replacement for your home. Call us today for a roof inspection at 313-209-6350.