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Preparing to Prevent Winter Emergency Roof Repair in Dearborn Michigan

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You never want to deal with emergency roof repairs in Dearborn Michigan, and this is only truer into the winter months. While sometimes there is no getting around emergencies, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to prevent unnecessary emergency repairs during the winter. Here are a few tips to get you through the winter without having to face the ice, cold, and snow while you await repairs.

Preparing to Prevent Winter Emergency Roof Repair in Dearborn Michigan

Winter can prove to be a difficult time of the year here in Michigan because of the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. And most roofing work is delayed until warmer weather because of this. However, if your home has roof damage the needs to be repaired, it doesn’t matter the season and if you have a roof leak or damage getting it repaired quickly is a must. Extra steps must sometimes be taken in order to ensure the roof is repaired correctly and sometimes emergency roof repairs are needed depending on the weather and situation. Here at Roofing Dearborn we can install temporary water barriers and emergency repairs if needed. We can also make a sustainable roof repair if needed. Call us today to learn more about our services if you need roof repair on your home no matter the season. Here are some things you can do to prevent some of the damage that your roof may get:

Preparing to Prevent Winter Emergency Roof Repair in Dearborn Michigan

Clean the Gutters

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep your gutters clean and free of debris. If your gutters are full of debris, water will begin to pool and damage your roof. You can usually inspect much of your gutters yourself, checking for loose areas and rusty spots, but you’ll need to hire someone to clean them regularly if you aren’t comfortable doing so yourself.

Between pooled water seeping into your roof substrate or pouring over the sides, dragging your gutters down and weighing on your roof, the integrity of your roof is highly dependent on functional gutters. There’s also the risk of pooled water forming ice dams which can be both damaging and dangerous if ice were to break off and hit anyone or anything below!

Remove Snow and Ice

Anytime you have a big snowstorm come through or notice an accumulation of icicles, you should remove the snow and ice from your roof. The best way to remove access snow from your roof is by using a snow rake to pull snow off. You should also knock down icicles with a hammer to prevent them from falling and being dangerous as they break off. Just be sure you aren’t standing under these areas when you do this, as you could get caught in the process and hurt yourself.

Snow drifts on your roof, no matter how pretty they may be, can literally weigh down on your roof, potentially compromising its strength. You can also prevent the formation of ice dams from access snow by better insulating your roof and attic, this will reduce how warm your roof will get and likely cut down on the melting of the snow. If you are uncomfortable removing snow and ice yourself, there are companies that specialize in this that you can hire to help out.

Inspect your Roof

To make sure you don’t have some preexisting problems with your roof, it’s always smart to have your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis. This holds true for before the winter months. Getting a roof inspection will ensure that any damages or problem areas are spotted before the harsh winter weather gets ahold of them and makes things worse.

A qualified roofing contractor such as Roofing Dearborn will be able to take a look at your roof and find anything wrong, no matter the small details that you as a homeowner would overlook. Professionals will be able to find any issues with the minutia of your roof as well as any major problems you may not know about. Having these things repaired before the winter can definitely prevent major damages later on.  Be sure to contact us today to get a roof inspection on your Dearborn Michigan home.