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Preventing Emergency Roof Repair in Dearborn Michigan This Winter

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Winters are hard enough without having to worry about unexpected home repairs. But with tons of moisture on your roof and temperature fluctuation causing melting and freezing, your roof goes through a lot during the winter. To prevent trying to get a roofer in Dearborn Michigan out in a blizzard or freezing temperatures, it is important to take the time to prepare and maintain. We’ll share some tips to ensure your roof protects your home even in the harshest of weather. 

Preventing Emergency Roof Repair in Dearborn Michigan This Winter

Although there are times when no amount of preparation can prepare your roof for the weather there are some things you can do to prevent a lot of the damage that may occur on your roof. Things like falling branches or trees impacting the roof sometimes can’t be avoided. It’s always best to get a professional roof inspection before the winter gets here to make sure your roof is fully prepared for the cold weather ahead. Here are more things you can do that can help prevent expensive repairs to your roof:

Preventing Emergency Roof Repair in Dearborn Michigan This Winter

Keep Your Gutters Clear And Working

While you may not see the importance of keeping gutter clear of snow, it is actually very important. When your gutters are blocked, whether by leaves, animals or snow, it makes it difficult for moisture to properly flow through them and drain away. When temperatures fluctuate during the winter it can cause snow to start melting on your roof. If this moisture can’t drain properly because it is too filled with snow already, the moisture can stay on your roof and freeze. This can cause ice dams to form and damage your roof. It also allows moisture better access to your sub roof and can get into your home.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees aren’t just going to shed leaves onto your roof. When snow and ice weigh down branches, they can become too heavy and snap. If the branches are hanging over your roof they can end up falling on it and causing damage. This can lead to minor damage like scratches, or can end up creating a big hole in your roof. Trees should always be trimmed year round to prevent issues, but they should be cut extra short in winter to prevent damage. Even a tree branch that simply touches your roof can cause damage. As wind moves the branch it will scrap granules off the shingles where it is touching.

Check For Proper Insulation Levels

Without proper insulation in your roof, there is not a clear barrier to separate the interior and exterior of your home. This means that the temperatures inside and outside can mingle and affect each other. Because heat rises, your roof is the spotting point for the heat in your home. But inadequate insulation can mean that this heat gets through and can start melting the snow. When snow melts on your roof and the weather is still cold it can cause refreezing. Refreezing leads to ice and that can damage your shingles and gutters.

Do Necessary Repairs

If repairs need to be done you should always do them as quickly as possible. Roof damage can become much worse very quickly and can impact the rest of your home. In winter it is even worse. And with unexpected weather changes and bad roads, it can make it difficult to get a professional out to fix it during the winter.

Remove Ice And Snow Whenever You Can

Investing in a snow rake and clearing your roof of as much snow and ice as possible is key to preventing damage. This takes away the constant moisture and weight snow brings and makes it easier to spot damage. However you’ll need to be really careful when attempting this. We don’t recommend you go onto the home’s roof. And you may end up damaging the roof by attempting to remove or rack ice and snow.

Get A Full Roof Inspection

You should get your roof inspected at least once a year, if not more. But it is crucial that you get a full roof inspection before the first snowfall. This will allow a professional to check your insulation, sub roof, ventilation, shingles and gutters. That means you get a clean bill of health before winter has a chance to make any damage worse. Call Roofing Dearborn today to get a roof inspection on your home by calling 313-209-6350.