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How To Deal With Water Stains On Your Ceiling in Dearborn Michigan

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If you have noticed that there are brown spots on your ceiling it is sadly more than just a cosmetic problem that you’re dealing with. No matter how big or small the marks are, it is important to get a professional roofer in Dearborn Michigan out as soon as possible. One of the reasons you may have these stains is because of a roof leak and that’s something that will only get worse with time. Not only that but it will cause more and more damage as well. It may ultimately end up with mold growth in your home which can unhealthy.  

How To Deal With Water Stains On Your Ceiling in Dearborn Michigan

The water stains on your home’s ceiling can appear anywhere and at any time. Since roof leaks can be slow the water that does get into the home may first saturate the insulation and then make it way down to the drywall in the ceiling. This process can take some time and when you have those ceiling stains days after it has rained is certainly possible.

How To Deal With Water Stains On Your Ceiling in Dearborn Michigan

What Are The Brown Spots On Your Ceiling?

While brown may not be the color you would expect, the stains on your ceiling is actually just water soaking through. Water stains show up when water is consistently exposed to that area and begins to soak through to the other side.

What Causes These Stains?

Water stains on your ceiling can be caused by a wide variety of reasons. But they all result in water being exposed to your ceiling. Getting a roofing contractor out to inspect the roof when you have a stain on your ceiling is important and can stop much of the damage that can be caused by a roof leak.

Roof Leaks

One of the most common reasons for water damage on your ceiling is a leak in your roof. Even the smallest crack can be enough for water to get in. Once there is a way in, the water can get through your roof every time it rains or snows. That moisture will connect and work its way down, just as it did with the roof. It will keep working its way down until you eventually see water stains on your ceiling and dripping. This can take a while to do, depending on how must rain or snow you have gotten recently, but needs to be addressed immediately.

Vents and Skylights

Just like your windows, your vents and skylights need to have a proper seal to keep the moisture from getting in around it. When these seals are broken or not fully functional, they allow water to get in and then drip into the ceiling. This can also happen if your contractor does not cut the openings for the vents and skylights to the appropriate size and creates gaps.

Leaking Pipes

When your pipes become corroded or are improperly installed, they can begin to drip. Depending on what caused the leak, this can either be a slow build up of water or a very quick and flooding leak. Either way, the pipe will need to be turned off and repaired to stop the leak.

What Happens Without Repairs?

If your water leak goes untreated it can quickly turn into rotting wood, structural degradation, and mold. Once the rotting, warping and structural damage occur, it can make it very unsafe to be in that area of your home. The ceiling will be weakened in that area and can even fall on you if left unrepaired for too long.

Mold and mildew is a quickly growing and fast-spreading problem that can affect not only your ceiling but your entire home. Mold needs to be killed and completely removed to fully fix the problem. The exposure to mold can also wreak havoc on your health with allergy and respiratory issues.

Your home’s insurance can also refuse to help you if you let the problem go untreated.  That is why you need to get help immediately before you end up having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket.

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