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Why You Should Replace Your Skylight with Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan

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If you have a skylight and are in need of a roof replacement in Dearborn Michigan, it is recommended that you replace them both at the same time. While you may not consider your skylight as something that needs to be replaced, there is a finite lifespan for them just like with windows. To save time, money and hassle, it is recommended that you always take the opportunity to take care of two potential problems all at once.

Why You Should Replace Your Skylight with Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan

When you have a skylight installed in your home making sure it is not leaking is a must. When you get a new roof installed, sealing around an old skylight is possible and that can last a long time when done properly. The problem is the seal on the skylight itself. When there is a leak in the skylight you may not see the leak from inside the home as the water may simply go under the shingles on the home. This can lead to problems with the roof decking and eventually end up becoming a roof leak. We typically recommend getting a new skylight installed if your skylight is more than 5 years old. You can also check with the warranty of the skylight you have installed. If the warranty runs out before the roofing materials warranty runs out make sure to get the skylight inspected first.

Why You Should Replace Your Skylight with Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan

So here are some tips to help you better understand some of the problems you may have with a skylight during a roof replacement in Dearborn Michigan: 

How Often Do Replacement Happen?

Roof replacements are typically every twenty to thirty years when well maintained. But poorly cared for roofs can end up lasting only around ten. Skylights, because of their placement, tend to last between ten and twenty years before needing to be replaced. This is shorter than other windows, but the skylight goes through more due to being on the roof.

Without replacement, skylight frames can warp, rot and leak, making them just as problematic as a regular roof leak. The glass can also become old and the seal around the pane can be broken. That means a loss in energy efficiency and an increase in monthly energy bills.

Why Do Them Together?

Roof replacements involve removing the covering, underlayer and deck and replacing all of them. During this process, it is incredibly easy to take out the existing skylight and replace it with a new one. This will help you save time and money as the contractors can easily access the skylight while working on the roof. There are no extra steps, so labor will be much cheaper than doing them separately.

Perfect Time to Add A Skylight

If you do not have a skylight, or want to upgrade the one you have, it is also best to do this when you are replacing your roof. It makes it easier for the contractors to install and work around the skylight, rather than cutting into your fully installed roof. This will help to prevent leaks and let the contractors work with it as part of the design, rather than a forced feature.

If you want to remove a skylight, or switch it to another location, you should also do it during a roof replacement. This makes it simple for the contractors and avoids trying to patch up spots and hope they hold.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Them Together?

Sadly, you can’t always wait to do the replacements together. Emergencies can come up and you may have to take care of one thing at a time. You should always aim to take care of any problems with your roof as soon as possible so no other damage can form. Otherwise, roof problems can quickly escalate and lead to leaks, moisture damage, structural damage and mold. If a repair can suffice to take care of the problem until you can replace them together, you may want to do that. But it really comes down to preventing damage and keeping your home safe as your first priority.

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