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What Should You Look Out For After A Storm Hits Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan

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Storms can hit your area at any time, which can be scary for many homeowners as storms can do their own damage to your home’s roof. Of course preventative maintenance can help prevent storms from damaging the roof of your home however it won’t completely keep it safe, that’s why knowing what storms can do to your roof can help determine if the roof of your home has an issue or not. High winds from storms can cause a lot of issues for your home’s roof, whether it be your shingles being ripped off to debris hanging around on the top of your roof and potentially causing water damage to your roof’s shingles. 

Damages That Storms Can Do To Your Home’s Roof

If a storm has recently hit your area, then it’s important for you as a homeowner to check on your home’s roof and ensure that no damage has happened from the storm. Of course climbing on your home’s roof after a storm is not recommended because it can be slippery and that will make any homeowner run the risk of being injured, so waiting until your roof is completely dried or scheduling a professional to do a roof inspection for you is the best way to go. If you go the route where you’re going to be inspecting your own roof, then be sure to look out for the signs of damage that storms are popular for causing below. 

What Should You Look Out For After A Storm Hits Your Roof

  • Shingles Are Missing From Your Roof

This is one of the easiest problems to visibly see when inspecting your home’s roof, if you notice that any shingles have gone missing then high winds could have ripped them off of your roof. If one or two shingles are ripped off, then a repair should be done to ensure that water isn’t seeping into your roof causing water damage or roof leaks. However, if you notice a good amount of shingles that have been ripped off, then you may want to consider having your roof replaced. Having a bunch of shingles ripped off of your roof could be the result of a failing roof which has weakened over time. 


  • Gutters Are Having Problems

Gutters play a huge role in keeping your home’s roof protected from still water, so it’s important that you also pay close attention to your gutters and ensure they aren’t suffering from any storm damage as well.  Storms can do a few things to gutters, if you notice that your gutters are pulling away from your fascia then you need to have them refastened, this will put the gutters back into the correct position to catch the water and reroute it to the downspout.


  • Searching For Roof Leaks

After storms have hit your area, there could be roof leaks left behind by them. One of the easiest ways to tell if your roof has a leak or not is by going into your home’s attic during day time and look for any signs of light coming through. If you notice any beams of light then you may have a roof leak present and needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid it becoming any worse in time. 

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  • Check On Your Roof’s Flashing

Flashing is made out of metal sheets that wrap around vulnerable areas of your home’s roof, such as your ventilations, chimney, and pipe drains. Flashing connects to your home’s roof with sealant and is made to not let water seep into your home, however flashing can become damaged and cause some problems. Check up on all of your roof’s flashing and ensure none have shifted due to high winds or that none of them are having any problems. 

Storm damage can get bad, especially if your home’s roof is being neglected and not inspected for these issues that could show after a bad storm has hit your area. It’s important to keep up with the integrity of the roof of your home and ensure that it’s in the best shape possible, if any hiccups happen and damage has presented itself to you, it’s your responsibility to have whatever problem fixed quickly before it becomes worse and starts spreading to other areas of your roof or home. Call us today at Roofing Dearborn to schedule a professional inspection today!