Roof Installation

Trust a Reliable Roofer in Dearborn Michigan for Your Roof Installation

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Protecting your home each and every day is what your roof does. There are many threats to the roofing on your home including weather, extreme temperatures, and even wildlife. While having a new roof installed on your home can protect it for many years to come it’s important that your new roof in Dearborn Michigan is installed by properly licensed and qualified roofers. Most roofing materials today come with a warranty attached and keeping that warranty can protect you down the road. Of course, there are things you’ll need to do to ensure your roofing warrnaty remains in tact. We’ll share some details on what you should look for in your roofing warranty.

Trust a Reliable Roofer in Dearborn Michigan for Your Roof Installation

One of the biggest problems when it comes to roof installation or roof repair is that most home owners simply don’t know who to call if there is a problem. There are many roofing companies that will offer service but not all are fully qualified and licensed. In order for your roofing warranty to be honored there are strict guidelines that must be followed when installing a new roof on your home. Improper installation can void the warranty on your roof so making sure you use a credible and reliable roofing company is a must.

Trust a Reliable Roofer in Dearborn Michigan for Your Roof Installation

Credibility and safety are two essential features to look for when selecting a roofing company to work on your home. This search goes beyond the insurance that is in place, though. Having a roof warranty can protect you from damage that occurs after your roofer has completed the work. A warranty is a promise, or guarantee, that certain repairs will be covered.

Defects in Materials

The main purpose of your roof is to protect you from the external elements. From rain to wind to snow to extreme heat, your roof should be able to withstand it all. An unavoidable occurrence is a defect in the material. This cannot be prevented by the homeowner or roofing company, but it can likely be covered under a roof warranty. If you notice any premature wear and tear in your roof, this could be because there is a problem with the material, not the installation.

Improper Installation

While you will likely go through a rigorous amount of research before hiring your contractor, poor workmanship is unfortunately not always avoidable. If your roof was installed with flaws that are unseen, it is likely that the damage will appear at a later date. If you have a warranty, you will be protected from the possibility of this happening. A good warranty will cover up to 3 years in addition to any workmanship guarantee that comes with the roofing company.

Shingle Selection

Sometimes, certain shingles come with better warranties than others. The terms can differ greatly, so keep that in mind as you make your selection. If you find some options that you like, ask to see each warranty. Just because the shingles are similar does not necessarily mean that the warranties will be comparable. Your roofer will be able to assist you with navigating the various warranties and perks that come with each type of shingle.

Length of Warranty

Some warranties can last up to 50 years, which sounds like the best choice at first. However, consider the time that you are going to spend in your current home. If you know that you would like to settle down elsewhere in the future, a 25-year warranty will likely be sufficient. Looking into the different options can save you money upfront that can be used to move into your permanent residence. If you know that you are ready to settle into your current home, then a 50-year warranty makes sense.

To make your most informed decision, consult your local roofing company. You will be able to compare different materials and warranty specs before making your final decision. Not only will you be protected from unforeseen circumstances, but you will also be keeping the value of your home up. The time and effort put into the initial purchase will save you time, effort, and even money in the future. Call Roofing Dearborn today to set up a roofing consultation — 313-209-6350. Rest easy knowing that you have a sturdy, well-built roof over your head.