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Tips to Help You Understand Your Roofing Estimate in Dearborn Michigan

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If you’re in the market for a new roof the first thing you’ll need to do is get a roofing estimate for the project. By getting a roof estimate in Dearborn Michigan you’ll be able to determine more information on costs and materials when getting a new roof. However, sometimes this roofing estimate may seem like a foreign language to many home owners and can leave them scratching their heads as to what it means. Typical roof estimates are broken down into sections and unless you’re roof savvy you may not understand them. Not to worry however, we’ll explain most roofing estimates in this article.¬†

Tips to Help You Understand Your Roofing Estimate in Dearborn Michigan

Most roofing contractors will give you an estimate that has several different sections. They may include prices for labor and cleanup, materials cost and give a list of those materials, and the time frame the estimate is good for. The time frame that the estimate is good for is usually straight forward and means the estimate is only good for that time frame. Since roofing material prices fluctuate most roofing contractors will include this clause in the roof estimate. The other items may not be as easy to understand. We’ll go over some of the items that may be listed or included on the estimate below.

Tips to Help You Understand Your Roofing Estimate in Dearborn Michigan

Shingles on the Roofing Estimate

Many times the roofing estimate in Dearborn Michigan will include a list of materials that will be used on the roof. It may separate these materials or bundle them together. Having an estimate that itemizes everything can help you better understand the pricing for each material. The shingles that are used on the roof is the most important part of the estimate. It will also likely be the most expensive item as well. The type of shingles and branding is what is important. Most roofing contractors will only write the roof estimate for shingles that are currently installed on your home’s roof, while others will give you an estimate on low quality materials in order to make the estimate seem low. When comparing estimates¬† be sure to look at the materials and type or brand of shingles closely on your roofing estimate.

Underlayment, Ridges, and Valleys on the Roof

A roof that only has two sides is going to be cheaper to cover than a roof with many shapes, twists, and turns. This may be listed on the roofing estimate as ridges which is the top part of the roof where the 2 parts of the roof meet, as well as valleys which is the bottom parts of the roof where two roofs meet. The reason why it will make a difference other than adding labor costs for these items is that there are more materials needed for these areas. Under-layment is added through out the roof under the shingles and in the valleys there is usually an additional layer of metal to help support the shingles. On the ridge of the home is another material called ridge vent which helps to ventilate the attic and roof. The more ridges and valleys your home has the higher the estimate for these areas will be.

Roof Penetrations on the Roof

Another part of the roof that may add additional costs is the roof penetrations. Roof penetrations can be anything that basically penetrates the surface of the roof. Usually there are plumbing pipes and vents on almost every home. The more bathrooms your home has the more of these pipes that are on the roof. Other roof penetrations can be chimneys, skylights, and ventilation fans.

Other Common Items on the Roofing Estimate

A big problem for many home owners in Michigan is having a roof ice dam on their roof and it causing damage to the inside of the home. In order to stop roof ice dams, a special material is placed on the edges of the roof. There are some common items that are also added to the edges of the roof as well such as drip edge and gutters on the home. If your estimate doesn’t include these items it’s always best to get clarification on the estimate before moving forward with the project.

Get an Estimate on Your Roofing Project in Dearborn Michigan

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