The Dangers of Out of Town Roofers in Dearborn Michigan

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You likely understand how important it is to quickly repair your roof when you have damage to it, or once you realize it’s time for a roof replacement in Dearborn Michigan. You probably want as smooth and simple of a process as possible, but you should be weary of out of town roofers and what risks are involved when you hire them.

The Dangers of Out of Town Roofers in Dearborn Michigan

When you need any type of roofing service it’s always best to use local roofing companies. Many times during severe weather there are roofing companies that will canvas the area looking for work. And while some of these companies can be totally legit, there are many pitfalls and scams that you should be aware of. Ultimately, it’s best to only hire local roofers for your project.

The Dangers of Out of Town Roofers in Dearborn Michigan

  1. Storm Chasers – These are the most well-known scam artists in the home repair world. These companies run into town claiming to save the day when a big storm or weather event comes through and causes widespread damage. They’ll cut corners and rush projects hoping to jump to the next affected town to chase the next dollar.


  1. Under Pressure – If a contractor shows up with no warning or warrant, they may be up to no good. What they’ll do is a flat out scam. Typically these contractors will show up and offer you a free roof inspection and then provide you with information that you need repair work done. They either will falsify this entirely, or sometimes they even create this damage themselves, forcing you to get repairs done (even if not with them – therefore costing you!). They’ll often put a lot of pressure on you to sign a contract with them on the spot, maybe even offering a ‘great deal’. They’ll rush the contract process so that you end up in a legally binding contract that is not in your favor at all. That is where they will increase costs and cut corners.


  1. Strength in Numbers? – This isn’t really the case when it comes to being the homeowner in these situations. Out of town roofers typically come in to town hoping to ‘repair’ as many roofs as they can in as little time as they can. This results in poor quality work, sometimes even to the point of being shoddy work. More often than not, it also ends up being difficult to hold the company responsible after this happens.


  1. Insurance Issues – An out of town roofer is more likely to have illegitimate insurance or even none at all. They could claim to, but figure you won’t dig into following up and checking the information they provide, or they could give you the run around hoping it will slip through the cracks. If there is an accident that happens, you may then be responsible for any and all costs since they are not insured.


  1. Low value High Cost – Often, out of town companies will quote you a repair cost that is below that of your local roofers. They’ll do this because they will use the bottom of the worst quality of products, often resulting in you having to have more work done or a full replacement done way too soon. A local roofer may cost more up front when compared to out of town companies, but they are more likely to use great quality materials and give you a roof that lasts.


  1. The Law! – Senate Bill 101 is in place to protect both companies and homeowners when it comes to home repairs and insurance claims. Companies cannot pay nor offer to discount to offset your insurance deductible. Many out of town roofers will claim to do this and then they are able to make money off of you without completing the job – or doing so badly. This protects you from entering a contract that is actually illegal.


  1. Down Payment Magicians – These roofing companies are truly an act of magic. They request a down payment for materials or products and make their whole crew disappear. These scammers are typically just out to make a quick buck and seem legit only to be realized as scammers after the damage has been done. You’re then out money, with no repairs made, and likely with no way of disputing the situation as the companies are typically entirely illegitimate.


  1. Shop Local! – Just as when you go to your local hardware store for supplies around the house rather than the big box stores, you should go with your local roofing company for roof repairs and replacements. When you hire someone from out of town, you are only boosting their local economy, not yours, so consider this when you are looking at hiring someone from out of town but have people in your area that do the same work.

If you have a roofing problem in Dearborn Michigan such as a roof leak be sure to call the experts at Roofing Dearborn. We are a local roofing company in Dearborn Michigan and are fully licensed and insured. Call us today for a free quote at 313-209-6350