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Signs Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan Needs Repair or Replacement

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Most roofing in Dearborn Michigan are designed to last two decades or more, but that doesn’t mean they are impervious to damage. Even if it is a relatively small problem it is important to keep an eye on the roof and get a roofing professional such as Roofing Dearborn out to see what’s going on. Know the signs and when to call for back up is crucial to keep your roof in the best condition possible and making sure it lasts a long time to protect your home and family.

Signs Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan Needs Repair or Replacement

Although most home owners never think about the roof on their homes it’s important to routinely check it for problems. You don’t need to go onto the roof to determine if there is a problem however. Most roofing problems can be seen from the ground. And since going onto your roof is dangerous and you may not have the proper safety equipment it is not advised. Hire a professional roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan if you suspect there is a problem with your home’s roof.

Signs Your Roof in Dearborn Michigan Needs Repair or Replacement

Here are a few signs that you need to call a professional and get your roof checked out:

Aging Roof: The average roof lasts 20 to 25 years and can last up to 3 decades before showing signs of wear and tear. But by year 30 it is time to talk about roof replacement for both the overall safety of your home and to protect the interior of the house. The older roofs can have negative side effects on the connecting support frame and will only cause further problems if left un-dealt with.

Roof Valleys: The roof valleys are the seams where two parts of the roof meet. This valley allows rain to pour off of the roof and into the gutters to drain onto the ground. If these valleys are damaged or blocked in any way it will cause water to stay on the roof and lead to further issues. This includes leaks, mold, algae, and deterioration of the house frame.

Missing Shingles: Storms and strong winds can knock shingles off from time to time. When caught quickly this is simply a basic patch job of replacing those spots. But if the shingles are missing for a while it can cause that section of the roof to need to be replaced. After a storm or a particularly windy day just take a look to see if anything is out of place or have a professional check things out.

Buckling Shingles: Shingles can buckle from the collected moisture caused by rain or snow and extreme temperatures. Once the buckling occurs it can allow moisture to get past the shingle and onto the roof’s wood underneath. To keep

Missing Granules: When the shingles get worn down it causes the granules to loosen. This is usually linked to age. If you see a lot of granules in the gutters of your home then it is time to call a professional and get the roof looked at. Shingles are the roof’s armor against moisture and the elements. When those are gone the roof is left vulnerable and you could end up paying a lot of money to replace a roof when you could have just replaced a few shingles.

Sunlight in the Attic: An attic is supposed to be sealed as the roof is directly above it. So any light that comes in through the attic ceiling shows a hole in the roof. No matter how little light is getting through, the fact that it can points to a possibility for major problems. When light can get through so can water and some types of insects. The opening can become bigger over time and the damage from letting water in can ruin many components of the home.

So What Can You Do?

None of these issues will resolve themselves so when you spot something or think your roof has seen better days, call a professional roofer in Dearborn Michigan for help. The longer you wait on getting someone out to see it, the more likely a small fix will turn into a much larger one. This is not only bad for your home, but unsafe. If you think your roof has any of these problems then it is time to call for some help. Roofing Dearborn offer roof inspection service in Dearborn Michigan. Call 313-209-6350 today to learn more.