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Has Your Roof Been Damaged by a Storm in Dearborn Michigan? Find Out Here

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Many times roof damage can occur on a home and the home owner doesn’t even know about it. Not until days or sometimes even weeks later when it rains again and they get a roof leak on the interior of their home. Even worse it may be a really small leak that is damaging the interior of your home in areas such as the attic without being noticed. When a problem like this occurs it can usually be prevented provided a qualified roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan repairs the roof. But for home owners you’ll also need to know what to look for after a storm in order to know if your roof may be damaged. In this article I’ll go over some of the things you’ll want to look for if you suspect your home’s roof may have been damaged in a storm. 

Has Your Roof Been Damaged by a Storm in Dearborn Michigan? Find Out Here

Storms and wind are two of the worst enemies of roofing. When roof damage happens it’s typically due to a storm related problem. Either rain, wind, hail, or falling debris can cause damage on the roof. As the roof gets older the more susceptible to these problems it will become as well. Making sure your roof isn’t damaged when one of these elements attacks it means you can better protect your home and prevent damage to the interior of your home. I’ve included some things below that you should look for if you suspect there is damage to your roof. Please keep in mind all of these things should be done from a ground level. We do not advise you go onto the roof yourself. Only trained roofing professionals should go on your roof as it’s extremely dangerous and you can be seriously injured from a fall.

Has Your Roof Been Damaged by a Storm in Dearborn Michigan? Find Out Here

Look for Broken Shingles on the Roof and Ground

When wind and hail start pounding on your home’s roof shingles they can twist and rise up which normally breaks them. Many times these broken shingles will be visible because of very dark spots on the roof where they have been broken. You may also see bits and pieces of shingles on the roof or even on the ground around your home. It is important that you verify the color of the shingles to match to your home’s shingles color. This way you’re sure they are from your home and not your neighbors. With building codes here in Dearborn Michigan some homes are really close to each other and having other shingles from homes in your lawn is not uncommon. Especially after a big storm with high winds in which roofing can be damaged.

Signs of Leaks on the Interior of the Home

Sometimes it’s only after a roof leak has occurred can you determine something is wrong. Usually when a roof leak occurs on your home and the interior of your home is getting wet it will usually stain the ceiling where the roof is. The stain will be light brown and may be moist to the touch. If you see a stain like this on your home’s ceiling it’s important that you get a roof inspection to determine if there is a problem and what can be done to repair it.

Debris on the Roof

Sometimes problems are caused by debris that will begin to accumulate on the roof. This is especially a problem with homes that have trees planted in close proximity to the roof. As the leaves start to pile up on the roof it can hold moisture against the roof and cause a leak. Keep all debris off the roof if possible and trim back trees that may be causing this problem.

Visible Problems on the Roof

Sometimes debris can fall into the roof and cause damage. Usually this is pretty apparent and can be noticed easily. If you see any visible problems on the roof it’s important to get them looked at and get a roof inspection quickly as it may be a structural problem as well.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home’s Roof

If you suspect your home’s roof has a problem either because of storms or wind it’s important to get it inspected as quickly as possible and preferably before the next rain. One of the best roofing contractors in Dearborn MI to do that is All Point Construction. Contact them today to get a roof inspection on your home at 734-407-7110