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Make Sure Your Roofing Contract in Dearborn Michigan Has These Details

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When you get a new roof installed on your home it can be a frustrating time and if you’re not properly prepared you may end up paying much more for your roof. One way you can protect yourself is by using a roofing contract on the project. Be sure to discuss with your roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan about using a roofing contract. Most reputable roofers will always use a roofing contract on projects. Here are some of the details that should be included in that contract.

Make Sure Your Roofing Contract in Dearborn Michigan Has These Details

A roofing contract is a simple contract between the company that will be doing the roof replacement or roofing work and the buyer of that service (usually the home owner). The contract will contain details about the project and will be the binding agreement between the two parties. It’s important that you get a copy of this contract upon signing it to have a copy in case things don’t work out as expected. Here are some of the details that should be included in that contract:

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Complete Description of the Project

The roofing contract should list out all the details of the project. This includes a complete description of the project from start to finish. It should include things like what services will actually be done. who is responsible for removing debris or cleaning up after the project is done, and other details. It should not contain vague or generalized sections which can be interpreted different ways.

Time and Dates When the Project Will Be Done

A huge problem in the roofing industry is contractors who start projects only to leave them mid-way and then go start another project. This can put a home in limbo and can be very frustrating for  a home owner. When you have a roof contract however the time and dates which the project will be done is listed and must be adhered to. This is the best way avoid having the project started and not completed quickly.

Materials That Will Be Used on the Project

A huge expense that you will have when getting a new roof installed is the materials that will be used on the project. And with many different types of materials that can be used it’s important to have the materials listed right on the contract or with an attached quote. The prices of materials can vary widely so make sure yo u get the materials that are listed on the contract installed.

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Financing and Payment Details

Many new roofs can be financed. Getting your new roof financed can help it better fit into your budget but you should always understand the terms and details of doing so. Make sure pricing details, financing details, or payment details are all listed right on the contract. You want to make sure all these details are worked out before the project starts as this can make the completion of the project delayed.

Permit and Inspection Details About the Project

As with any home improvement project you may need to get permits for the job or inspections of the work during or after it is done. Make sure your roofing contract has the details about who is responsible for those permits or inspections. Avoiding these items can cost you much more later.

What Happens if Things Don’t Work Out

Even with a roofing contract things can still cause problems. The roofing contract can help to protect you if there are disagreements or problems later. But another thing the roofing contract should have included is any penalties that be be added to the project. Many times a roofing contract will have a penalty if the project is not finished at a specific time. Talk with your contractor about penalties and clauses that may be added to the contract.

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