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How to Make Your Roof Last Longer in Dearborn Michigan

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Having a roof that is performing as it should usually isn’t something that most people think about. In fact, as long as the roof on your home is doing what it should it’s probably never came to mind. Although the roof on your home is designed to last for more than 15 years depending on the type of roofing materials you have installed, it’s still a good idea to get regular roof inspections in Dearborn Michigan to ensure there isn’t any type of problems which may be occurring on your home’s roof. A roof inspection can identify problems on your roof and even potential problems before they become a costly repair. Here are some ways a roof inspection can help and how you can make sure your roof lasts a long time. 

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer in Dearborn Michigan

The weather here in Dearborn Michigan can be quite brutal on a roof. The summers are hot and sizzling with UV rays beating down on the roofing surface. Not to mention some of the thunderstorms that we have here. During the winter months the roof is pounded by ice and snow and freezing temperatures. This climate can really take it’s toll on the roofing surface in particular the components of the roof such as chimneys and skylights. A roof inspection can help you find problems with your roof and if there is a problem with the roof that can be addressed before a roof leak occurs can save you money on home repairs because of a roof leak.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer in Dearborn Michigan

What Can a Roof Inspection Do For Your Home?

When a qualified roofing professional makes a roof inspection on your Dearborn Michigan home they will look for signs of storm damage, signs of wear on the roof materials, and cracks in seals of roofing components. This may sound like a simple inspection but experience plays a huge role in how well an inspector looks at the roof. While the hairline crack may not seem like much of a problem to most people, a roofer may know that the crack will spread depending on the temperature and could lead to a leak later. All of the roofing surface is inspected during a roofing inspection. This includes a walk over the entire roof and then each roofing component is also inspected. Any type of roof penetration is also inspected. These penetrations can be ventilation pipes, skylights, chimneys, or any item that is on top of the roof such as satellites. Each area is inspected for problems and leaks.

Storm Damage on Your Home’s Roof

Although the roofing surface and materials on your home’s roof are designed to last for 15 years or more they can still suffer storm damage which can shorten the lifespan of the roof. Even low quality roofing materials usually have a warranty of 15 years with some roofing materials having warranties of 50 years. A roofing inspection can help to locate any storm damage on your home’s roof. If there is a problem the damage may be covered by your roof’s existing warranty although each case may be different. Talk with a roofing professional for more details if your home’s roof is covered by a warranty or not. 

Look For Signs of Problems Yourself

As I mentioned above one problem you may have on your home’s roof is storm damage. As a home owner, it is not advised that you go onto your home’s roof yourself. Instead, you’ll need to hire a professional roofer for that because of the dangers that are involved. But there are some things that you can do to help prevent damage. Look for signs of damage on your home’s roof after a storm has passed. If there are missing shingles or areas on your home’s roof that look as if they have some type of storm damage it’s always best to get a roof inspection done. In fact, even if there are no signs of damage it’s best to get a roof inspection done each year just to ensure your roof is in good working order.

Get a Roof Inspection in Dearborn Michigan

Need a roof inspection in Dearborn Michigan? Be sure to call All Point Construction today for a professional roofer to come out and inspect your home’s roof. All Point Construction is a fully qualified and licensed GAF Master Elite roofer in Dearborn Michigan. Give them a call today at 313-209-6350