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Here’s How To Prevent Roofing Damage in Dearborn Michigan This Winter

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Winter is here and it’s definitely a cold one and with every winter coming, it can cause plenty of problems to the roof of your home, so best preparing your roof in Dearborn Michigan can help you prevent lots of damage that could potentially be expensive and time consuming. The roof of your house should be carefully taken care of, especially around this time as it can be pretty tough for you homes roof, keeping up with the condition of your homes roof and helping it fight off issues that could occur will give you the peace of mind needed knowing your roof is protecting you and your home.

Here’s How To Prevent Roofing Damage in Dearborn Michigan This Winter

It’s always better to prepare your roof before Winter actually comes, however not every homeowner knows about that. So preparing it in the middle of the Winter can still be helpful to fight off harsh elements from Winter that could potentially damage your home. It can get pretty annoying when your homes roof has problems that keep coming when your roof isn’t prepared, so preventing these problems can be easily done by following everything on this list that we’ll go over now.

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Get A Inspection From A Professional

Regular inspections for your roof should be common, however not every homeowner knows the importance of hiring a professional roofing contractor to do a roofing inspection for you. Since they have the experience of roofing, they’ll be the best person to tell you if your roof is secure enough to keep protecting you through the Winter time. If it’s not, they’ll let you know what needs to be done or fixed to prevent any further damages from happening.

Don’t Neglect Your Gutters

Gutter maintenance is a very important step of keeping your roof in good condition, since your gutter system ties up to your roof, they work together to protect your homes foundation. If your gutters start having problems, getting them fixed quickly will ensure your roof doesn’t suffer any problems as well. Cleaning clogged up gutters can help as well since Winter time is prone to causing icicles, which can be a danger to your roof and home.

Reseal Your HVAC Flashings

Flashings go around HVAC systems on your roof such as your chimney, pipe drains, skylights, and ventilations. The flashing is used to keep water from seeping into your roof, they’re sealed down with sealant. Doing a roofing inspection can help determine if you need to reseal your flashings so that water doesn’t come in unexpectedly.

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Clean Your Roofs Debris

Debris can build up on your homes roof due to trees especially, since the leaves and loose twigs fall, they can pile up and allow moisture to become trapped in it. This can lead to water damage to your roof and damage your shingles in the process, which can be a pain to deal with. Sweeping debris off of your roof can help prevent this. Of course this can be a dangerous task, so it may be ideal for you to hire a professional roofing contractor to do this instead.

Repair Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can be a gateway for water to come into your home, without the shingle, your homes roof could be prone to having a roof leak. If your roof has any missing and/or broken shingles, getting them replaced quickly will help prevent any roof leaks that could occur, especially since it’s so cold.

Trim Back Overhanging Tree Branches

Trees are a beautiful aesthetic to many homes, however tree branches can certainly be dangerous to your roof. Along with the debris that could clog up your gutters, tree branches could fall due to high wind of storms and cause a puncture or hole in the roof of your home, leaving water to seep in. Trimming back tree branches can help prevent all of that, while still having the beauty of trees around.

Winter can be a tough season for the roof of your house, so preparing it for the worst will prevent the worst from happening. This can help keep your roof in great condition so that there won’t be any possible problems that could potentially occur during the middle of a harsh storm, leaving you stuck to figure out how to deal with it. Be sure to give us a call today at (313) 209-6350 if you suspect your roof needs repairs or replacement. At Roofing Dearborn we offer free quotes on roofing projects in Dearborn Michigan.