Exterior Home Improvement Company Specializing in Roofing Dearborn MI

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Are you planning home improvement projects for your home for the spring or summer? Maybe you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom…if so, you might want to think about updating your roof, too. Many home improvement or construction companies offers special financing deals if you spend over a certain amount. If you bundle several renovations, it can be a real money saver…plus, you’ll be increasing your home’s value.

It might be hard to tell whether your roof in Dearborn Michigan is functioning properly due to the snow and ice. It’s always a good idea to have a reputable roofing contractor come out to your home for a roof inspection. While there, they can perform roof shoveling and / or an ice dam removal if needed. Once cleared, roofing professionals can determine what, if any, roofing issues exist, such as loose or missing shingles, wear and tear, deterioration, termite damage, buckling, holes, leaks or other situations. If it’s decided you need a roof replacement, roofing repair, tear-off, re-roof or new roof installation, you can sit down with them to develop a plan of action that is affordable and practical. Roofing Dearborn specializes in finding credible roofers that can do the job professionally and affordably.

Exterior Home Improvement Company Specializing in Roofing Dearborn MI

Find a versatile, family owned business

Some construction companies have specific areas of expertise in either interior or exterior repairs or renovations. You ideally need an exterior home improvement company specializing in roofing in Dearborn MI. This type of organization will typically use GAF and CertainTeed roofing materials, the best products in the industry. Roofing estimates and inspections are usually free, but call first to verify. Ask if they provide assistance with or offer:

❖ Homeowner’s insurance claims
❖ Loans and credit approvals
❖ Payment plans
❖ Warrantees and guarantees
❖ Top name-brand roofs
❖ Roofing energy evaluations

If you choose a well-rounded, versatile roofing company you will be able so schedule several projects at once such as new flooring installation, roofing replacement, bathroom or kitchen update, masonry, new porch or overhang, doors, windows, siding, gutters and other add-ons. Always opt for a fully licensed and certified contractor that is insured to perform commercial and residential roofing installations.

Don’t be tempted by unbelievable pricing deals

There’s a lot of competition among roofing companies in Dearborn Michigan, but don’t be fooled by amateurs trying to make a fast buck. If a company wants more than 50 percent down for a construction job or can’t produce licensing, insurance or certification credentials, steer clear. That means they’re most likely not rated favorably by the Better Business Bureau, or recommended by Angie’s List. A trusted roofing contractor will be able to call you right away to schedule a roof inspection, and answer your toughest questions. By conducting a fair amount of research into a business, you should be able to read reviews on their Facebook page and website. Positive reviews are one of the best indicators that a  company is worth hiring. Never sign a roofing contract without reading the fine print and discussing it with your family or friends. Some companies put a lot of pressure on homeowners using scare tactics or distorted inspection results. These types of practices are not legal and can result in the loss of thousands of hard-earned dollars.

When in doubt, visit Roofing Dearborn

We’ve got great tips, advice, blogs and recommendations for home and business owners pertaining to roof replacements, installations, and many other home improvements. Our experts routinely verify roofing company’s credentials and projects, as well as bring you the latest information regarding state roofing regulations, permits, and changes in legislation. If you’re not a licensed roofer, it’s best to hire a professional roofing contractor so the job will be done correctly and according to code. If a job is not up to code, you can receive a building violation and/or a fine or penalty. By hiring a trustworthy and dependable company, you will be protecting your property, family and finances. Home improvement companies in Dearborn Michigan should be able to provide recent project photos as well as referrals from satisfied customers. Last but not least, enjoy your new roof and keep it well maintained.