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7 Steps to Take Before Starting Your Roof Repair in Dearborn, Michigan

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Knowing when you need to repair your roof is only the beginning. A number of signs can point you towards the need to either call a professional for minor repairs, or engage in an entire roof replacement. Between that realization and the actual start of the work, you have a number of items to consider.

As you probably know, your roof is among the most important components of any home. It quite literally protects everyone living in it; any issues, and you might be unsafe, or introduce other issues like mold and mildew to other parts of the home. That’s why you absolutely have to get this right.

Roofing Dearborn

Let’s talk about what that actually means. After you’ve discovered the signs that your roof needs repaired or replaced, it’s time to start the preparation. Take these 7 steps before starting your roof repair in Dearborn, Michigan.

1) Make Sure the Timing is Right

This first step matters, in more ways than one. First, you have to understand just how dire the situation is with your roof, and how quickly it needs to be taken care of. Anything that leads to a water leak is a major issue. On the other hand, some minor issues may be able to wait a bit.

You’re not expected to know exactly where you fall. A general idea, though, is immensely helpful. It allows you to start your planning process, and simply determine the level of urgency with which you should find the right roofing contractor, prepare the space, and all of the other steps below.

The timing also matters in a broader sense. Especially in this Michigan climate, repairing your roof in summer or winter will be more difficult than taking care of it in spring or fall. If the project is less urgent, you can determine the best season to get the job done right and without harming the rest of your home.

2) Start Researching Potential Contractors

Once you have a general idea of the timing you should pursue, it’s time to start finding the right roofing professional to take care of the job. As you might imagine, that’s not always a simple task. You have to make sure that you can find an expert you trust to get the job done right, without any potential complications.

Make sure you ask the right questions, such as: 

  • What type of roofing services do you offer?
  • Are you fully licensed and insured?
  • Do you offer a no-commitment roof inspection and quotation?
  • Can my existing roof be repaired or do I need a brand new roof?

And more. This is your chance to get an expert opinion, and make sure the right experts are the ones to climb on your roof and take care of the problem. Take advantage of that. Any type of roofing in Dearborn, Michigan can only be successful if you are working with the right partner to get the job done right.

3) Estimate the Budget for the Roof Repair Project

By process of elimination, you should be at 2-4 potential roofing contractors for your project at this point. That’s a great start. Now, it’s time to start thinking about the budget and how much you can be expected to spend on the repair job.

Simple roofing repair can cost as little as $500. A comprehensive roof replacement can go as high as $20,000 and more. Where do you fall within that range? The answer, as you might imagine, will have significant consequences for your budget and how you expect to pay for the job.

That’s why the roof inspection above is such an important question. Invite a few roofers to your property and allow them to check out the situation. Then, use their info to better plan your budget. It’s also a good idea to investigate financing options; some roofing companies offer good financing for larger projects. 

4) Look for Potential Improvements as Part of the Repair

Let’s imagine the best-case scenario for a moment. You’ve realized that your new roof or roof repair will cost less than you can afford. You can choose to simply save the money – or you can decide to invest it in improvements that ultimately improve the health of your roof and home as a whole.

You can make a number of investments designed to improve the long-term health of your roof:

  • Better ventilation, which can both regulate the temperature of your attic and avoids excessive moisture. 
  • Increased energy efficiency, usually through materials that absorb less sun and thus don’t heat up the house as much.
  • Seamless gutters, which not only avoid spills but will also last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Eave flashings, which prevent ice dams and protect shingles (and anything underneath them) from getting water damage. 

You might not have the budget for every one of these options. Still, it’s worth at least investigating what you can afford to fix the roof not just in the presence, but for the future as well. And again, the right roofer can provide you with ideas and possibilities in this area.

5) Plan for the Inconveniences to Your Daily Life

A minor roof repair can take as little as one afternoon. A major job can take weeks, depending on the need for a full replacement. Are you prepared for the consequences you might see in your life as a result? If not, this is the perfect time to start considering them.

Even if you plan to stay in the home, some areas of the home will likely become off limits. If you have pets or children who like to play on the property, now is the perfect time to let them know and make adjustments. You might also want to remove wall decorations, which could be thrown off the wall by the vibration of some of the larger equipment required.

Second, more comprehensive roofing jobs can get quite loud and sometimes messy. If you have small children who still nap, or a pet that’s sensitive to noises, make your accommodations. Talk to your roofing contractor about the times when they need to work, then find alternative ‘hiding spots’ as needed. The right expert will work with you to minimize the inconvenience – but it’s good to recognize early that no matter what, some inconvenience will occur.

6) Free Up the Attic

A small job won’t need to consider your attic. A larger project, though, probably will. How well are you prepared for your contractor to access the attic and move around in it? You might have to clean out your attic or at least declutter it to the point of easy access and maneuverability. Roofers might need access, and once they do, you likely won’t have time to take on this project without causing significant delays. If you do it before the job starts, you’re better off.

Even if your attic is already easily accessible and not too cluttered, some preparatory steps are necessary here. At the very least, cover your belongings in this space to make sure they don’t get dirty or damaged in the process. Good roofers take care to avoid it but no matter what, the possibility is always there.

When in doubt, talk to your contractor. They’ll be able to tell you just how much access they need, how much space they’ll need once up there, and the amount of work they plan on completing. That way, you can prepare for the actual job with plenty of time to spare before the real work begins.

7) Ensure Easy Access to and on The Roof 

Finally, the same thing that applies to your attic becomes even more important for the roof itself. Naturally, your roofers need to be able to access it easily throughout the duration of the project. That can be more complex than you imagine at first. Just a few items to consider include:

  • Relocating your vehicles if they are in the way or take up valuable space that your roofing contractors will need.
  • Moving grills and patio furniture away from the roof to keep them at a safe distance from the work area.
  • Doing some landscaping before construction begins, both for easier access and to make sure no tree or shrubbery infringes on the work area.

Most roofers will be happy to walk you through this when construction begins. However, that will cause some delays. If you get it done earlier, you make sure that the roof repair can commence on time and on schedule.

Are You Ready for Roof Repair in Dearborn, Michigan?

The first step is to find the problem, and the last is to get to the solution. However, there are a whole bunch of steps in between those two bookends. Preparing for roof repair that you know needs to happen is crucial to save time and money while making sure the process goes smoothly.

Are you ready to take those steps? When in doubt, it never hurts to talk to a Michigan roofing contractor about what needs to be done. Getting some of the above steps out of the way earlier will allow you and the contractor to getting the job done right and maximizing the quality of work.